Powder metallurgy push rod sintering furnace

Unit Price: USD 50000.0000 / Set/Sets
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Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
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This series of push - rod sintering furnace is an automatic continuous operation powder metallurgy equipment, mainly used for sintering powder metallurgy products (especially stainless steel), can also be used for powder reduction.


High degree of automation and reliability:Automatic temperature and motion control, intuitive analog operation display screen, perfect alarm device and closing pin protection device. The sensor adopts imported and national quality products to ensure less trouble.

Economical:The consumption of water, electricity and gas is lower than other types of products, and the operation cost is low.

Adaptability:A double furnace door structure is arranged at the inlet and outlet ends of the equipment to form a replacement chamber, which is fed with continuous nitrogen replacement air. It is suitable for heat treatment of high temperature and easily oxidized workpieces. The atmosphere requirement is lower than other types of industrial furnaces.


The whole set of equipment consists of furnace body, material boat push device, automatic material track and temperature control system.The shell and cover of the furnace are mainly formed by bending and welding of steel plate, with a delicate and beautiful appearance.Super energy saving structure is adopted in the lining of furnace: the insulation layer on the furnace cover adopts all-fiber needled blanket module, which is anchored on the steel plate of the furnace cover by special method (commonly known as ceiling structure). This kind of structure has the heat insulation effect is good, the energy storage is low, the heat loss is small, the heat shock characteristic is good, the overhaul is convenient and so on many advantages. Greatly improve the service life of furnace lining. The parameters such as loss power, wall temperature rise and uniformity of furnace temperature are better than the national standard.The heating temperature control instrument adopts the intelligent temperature control instrument of SHIMA company. The instrument is equipped with self-adjustment and standard PID operation module, which can effectively prevent temperature overshooting. At the same time, the instrument can carry out function selection, configuration and parameter setting, and display the set value and actual value in digital form. The main heating adopts SCR series combined three-phase thyristor power controller, which adopts continuous non-on-off type. It is not the traditional electrical on-off type, but continuously adjusts the heating power according to the requirements of temperature control. High power temperature control accuracy, no noise, no interference to the internal power grid.
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