65kw Stainless steel bright annealing furnace

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Equipment introduction

Stainless steel bright annealing furnace adopts ammonia decomposition as protective gas, suitable for bright quenching, annealing and solid melting treatment of metal parts such as powder metallurgy, bearing, gear, standard tool steel, stainless steel and high temperature alloy. Also can be used for electronic hardware products such as bright heat treatment, used to eliminate the mechanical stress of chip or core, restore its electromagnetic properties.

Equipment structureIt 

mainly consists of:furnace body, heat-resisting steel muffle, heat preservation section, cooling section (air cooling section + water cooling section), transmission device, electrical system and gas protection system.

1. Furnace body frame: the furnace body frame is composed of box body and support, all of which are made of high quality section steel and steel plate by welding. It is convenient for operators to overhaul or clean the furnace. The furnace is designed as an upper and lower structure, and the upper cover can be removed.

2. Furnace: the furnace adopts all-fiber composite structure, aluminum silicate fiber felt is used on both sides of the furnace and the top of the furnace, which can be disassembled and assembled as a whole along with the furnace cover. The insulation performance is very good, more than 40% energy saving than brick lining.

3. Heating element: the heating element is wound with high-quality resistance wire, inserted horizontally into the furnace from one side of the furnace body and arranged at the top and bottom of the furnace tube. This kind of heating element is reliable to use and easy to maintain.

4. Mesh belt: mesh belt is one of the key parts of bright annealing furnace, using imported heat resistant wire cross weaving, high temperature resistance, bearing good; Under high temperature condition, it can run without decoupling and brittle cracking. Net belt after high temperature use will be thermal expansion extension, in the transmission structure design of automatic tension and adjustment device, make the net belt running smoothly, to ensure the quality of the workpiece.

5. The material used by muffle is made of heat-resistant stainless steel imported from Sweden, which has high temperature resistance, high temperature strength and good oxidation resistance. After the muffle of heating furnace is moulded and pressed, it is welded with ao402 welding rod.

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