Iron based mesh belt sintering furnace

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Powder metallurgy sintering furnace is a continuous operation sintering production line. It is mainly suitable for the continuous sintering of iron base, copper base and other related powder metallurgy products under protective atmosphere. The production line can also be used for bright annealing of copper and stainless steel, which has the advantages of advanced control, remarkable energy saving and easy maintenance. The whole heating zone adopts PID contactless automatic control, multi-zone temperature control, and ammonia decomposition furnace and gas purification device are used to protect the air source.The equipment can also be used for the sintering of other metal products, composite materials and bimetallic materials to keep the atmosphere stable, the sintering uniformity and no oxidation burning loss.

Directions for use

1. Operators must understand the structure and operating characteristics of the electric furnace and auxiliary equipment; At the same time also should understand the electrical pipeline layout.

2. Before switching on the power supply, it is necessary to carefully check whether the connection of heating element meets the requirements; Good contact; Whether there is contact between the conductor and the housing; At the same time, the insulation resistance of the electric furnace was tested. And check the tightness of the pipeline.

3. Heating of the stoveIn order to reduce the hot deformation of the furnace; The heating process is as follows:0-150℃ holding time for 30 minutes. The holding time was 30 minutes from 150℃ to 300℃.Keep warm at 300℃-500℃ for 45 minutes. The holding time was 45 minutes from 500℃ to 800℃Then rise to the required temperature for the job.

4. Cooling of the stoveThe cooling process is as follows:After the last batch of workpiece out; Power off of heating circuit; When the furnace temperature drops to 300℃ naturally; Turn the hour hand of the variable frequency speed control knob to zero. Cut off the speed motor power supply. Then disconnect the air switch; Power off; Let the body of the heating furnace cool down naturally.

5. Related temperature of air supply and off:When the temperature of the furnace rises to 700℃-800℃, it is strictly prohibited to ventilate the furnace when the temperature is lower than 700℃. First, nitrogen gas is introduced to discharge the air in the furnace through the state of hot pressure. And then it's protected by hydrogen. To save gas source; When the last batch of artifacts are out; Turn off the gas.

6. During the whole operation, it is strictly prohibited to stand directly opposite the furnace mouth. To prevent fire from spewing out from the furnace.

Powder Metallurgy Electric Furnace

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