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The shell of the trolley type tempering furnace is welded with steel plate and section steel, the trolley is welded with section steel and section steel, and the trolley comes through soft contact with furnace lining and sand-sealing mechanism

Reduce heat radiation and convection loss, effectively ensure the sealing of furnace body.

The ventilator is composed of a blower and a wind guide plate. The drum wind turbine is electrically connected to the heating element. The heating element can only be connected when the blower is connected

Electrical, so that the heating element can work in a ventilation cycle.

Furnace lining: the furnace body adopts full fiber, and the fiber trolley type tempering furnace dimension is customized into modules according to the size of the furnace, and the fiber is compressed into blocks for appearance

In the field cotton construction, the fixing method is through pin and hook nail, that is, evenly through pin in the massive fiber cotton, then hook pin and tighten it to the furnace body

Welding. The pressure resistant part of the trolley is constructed with high aluminum bricks, and the lower part is insulated with insulation bricks.

The lifting of the furnace door is realized by rolling the roller up and down on the guide rail, and the advanced spring compression device is used for sealing, which ensures the closing

The anastomosis between furnace door fiber and furnace body fiber ensures that the fiber will not be damaged by friction during opening and closing.

The power of furnace door and trolley is provided by electric motor and has controllable braking function.

The moving mechanism of the electric furnace adopts interlocking control, that is, the power supply of the heating element is cut off automatically after the furnace door is opened and the power supply of the trolley is restored at the same time. The furnace

After the door closes, it will automatically cut off the power supply of the trolley motor and restore the power supply of the heating elements to prevent accidents caused by misoperation.

The heating element is made of high temperature resistance alloy wire wound into ribbon and spiral shape, which is hung on the side of the furnace and the chrome wire brick of the shelving trolley respectively

And chrome wire brick fixed to prevent extrusions.

The bottom plate of the cast steel furnace is installed on the platform to bear the workpiece. In order to prevent the workpiece after heating the oxide skin through the furnace bottom plate

The gap between the furnace and the heating element falls around the heating element and damages the heating element.

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