tetrafluorohydrazine van Sintering furnace 32KW

Unit Price: USD 17000.0000 / Set/Sets
Payment Type: T/T
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time: 30 Days

Basic Info

Fuel: Furnace

Effective Heating Size: 1000X900X1000mm: The Mass Is 2000kg ​

Additional Info

Transportation: Ocean

Product Description

Character description

The shell of furnace body is welded by steel plate and section steel. Aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket material is used between furnace chamber and furnace shell. The furnace body volume is small; Excellent insulation performance; Good sealing and other features. The furnace is welded with 5mm304 stainless steel plate. The temperature in the furnace can be consistent under the action of the sealed motor. The temperature control of electric furnace adopts intelligent instrument to carry on automatic program control. High temperature control accuracy. Please refer to the relevant manual for the operation of the temperature meter.

Directions for use
1. Operators must understand the structure and working characteristics of electric furnace and auxiliary equipment; Also should understand the electrical piping layout.
2. Carefully check whether the connection of heating elements is up to the requirements before switching on the power; Whether the contact condition is good; Where the conductive body is in contact with the housing; Conduct insulation resistance test of electric furnace at the same time. And check the tightness of the pipeline.
3. Heating and operation of furnace
Set up according to the product process requirements. After loading the workpiece into the furnace, close the furnace door and tighten the screw. Then open the vacuum pump for vacuuming, and close the vacuum pump when pumping to a certain degree, then inflate it, and close the gas when charging to a bar on the pressure gauge. Let's do another vacuum. Then turn off the vacuum pump. Inflate. Up to the required pressure.

Purpose/application area
It is mainly used for sintering oil-free bearing and other products.

1, rated power:                                                    32KW
2. Rated voltage:                                                  380V
3, phase number:                                              three-phase
4. Number of heating zone:                                     1
5. The highest operating temperature                      500℃
6. Temperature control mode:                          intelligent temperature controller with program control. A required band regulation.Adjust according to the required band.

7. Effective heating size:                                       1000X900X1000mm
8. The mass                                                         2000kg

The surface is professionally paintedChamber furnace electrical cabinet

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