Nitrogen protected sintering furnace

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Nitrogen - protected sintering furnace is the latest energy - saving type. Special for steel, metallurgy industry, high temperature fired graphite silicon carbide nozzle. Microcomputer program is adopted to control temperature with high precision and execute sintering process curve automatically.

Structure brief

The nitrogen-protected sintering furnace is mainly composed of the steel structure assembly of the shell of the furnace, the lining, the insulation layer, the heating element, the stainless steel vacuum tank, the inner heat preservation cover, the microcomputer program automatic temperature control system and so on. The furnace body is made of steel plate rolled into a well type furnace shell, and the furnace body shell is made of shaped steel combined by close welding. Furnace lining USES super light and high strength microsphere vacuum energy saving fan brick, put aside the silk brick for our factory exclusive upwarps 20 anti - dropping silk brick, not easy to drop resistance wire. The insulation layer adopts the super-long fiber aluminum silicate fiber blanket for heat preservation, and the gap is filled with expanded heat preservation powder. The heating element is wound into a helical package with high temperature and high resistance alloy wire 0Cr27Al7Mo2 at 1440℃. The wire is distributed in the chamber of the electric furnace according to the uniform temperature distribution method, so that the upper and lower parts of the nozzle sintering furnace are uniform. The vacuum tank is made of imported 1200℃ ultra-high temperature alloy stainless steel plate. Micro-computer program automatic temperature control cabinet 8 high precision temperature control, temperature control accuracy ±1℃, can automatically execute the vacuum sintering process curve, so that the electric furnace according to the best nozzle sintering process curve operation.

Nitrogen protected sintering furnace

Nitrogen protected sintering furnace Gas device

Nitrogen protected sintering furnace Electrical cabinet

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