Zone 9 heating sintering furnace

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Suitable for batch mechanical parts (such as chains, bearings, standard parts, bicycle parts, self-tapping screws, textile hardware) such as quenching, carburizing, carbonitriding and other thermal processing process. Continuous automatic production efficiency is high, there is a specific forced ventilation system in the furnace, the penetration is fast, the penetration layer is deep, the workpiece quality after treatment is stable, the surface is smooth. The production line is a quenching furnace, oil groove, hoist and other components. The workpiece is transported by the intermittent progressive belt, through the temperature-controlled heating zone, falls into the quenching tank and is taken out by the elevator. Basic structure of the quench furnace: the shell of the quench furnace is welded by section steel and steel plate, the shell is sealed structure, and the furnace body is built with refractory material resistant to high temperature and carburizing. The movable bottom plate made of heat-resistant alloy steel supports and drives the mesh belt and materials forward. Specially designed electric heating radiant tube heating, arranged in the bottom and top of the furnace, stable performance, long life. The transmission mechanism is composed of a speed regulating motor with a reducer. The eccentric wheel mechanism drives the net belt to load materials into the furnace and adjust the running speed according to the needs. A circulating fan is installed on the top of the furnace to keep the positive pressure at the furnace mouth and strengthen the airflow circulation in the furnace. The temperature uniformity and thermal stability in the furnace are further improved, which is conducive to the improvement of product quality and the increase of output. A set of special electronic control cabinet to control the furnace temperature, the control precision up to ±1°C. Furnace atmosphere control system, using manual adjustment... And can be designed for the user heat treatment process, the workpiece heat treatment test to provide conditions.

Zone 9 heating sintering furnace

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