Split mesh belt sintering furnace

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 all kinds of precision electrical materials, stainless steel, electronic hardware products and other bright heat treatment; Powder metallurgy (iron base, copper base) sintering; Hard alloy brazing can be used in ammonia decomposition gas protection.


Good uniformity of furnace temperature:

It adopts up and down heating, and the bottom is equipped with high-strength silicon carbide soaking board. The unique furnace design greatly improves the furnace temperature uniformity. Furnace temperature uniformity ±5℃, controlAccuracy of + / - 1 ℃.

Low energy consumption:

Full fiber needled blanket module, good insulation effect, low energy storage, small heat loss, fast heating rate.

Long service life of furnace tank:

The prestress device of the furnace tank is provided, and the bottom of the furnace tank is cushioned with silicon carbide plate with high strength, small friction coefficient and high temperature resistance, so as to ensure that the metal furnace tube is flat at high temperatureUniform heating, 1.3 times the service life of similar products.

High degree of automation:

Intuitive analog display, automatic temperature and motion control, perfect alarm device and lock protection device.


It is mainly composed of feeding section, heating section, slow cooling section, water cooling section, discharging section, net belt, net belt drive device, protective atmosphere device and electric control device.Super energy saving structure is adopted in the lining of furnace: the insulation layer on the furnace cover adopts all-fiber needled blanket module, which is anchored on the steel plate of the furnace cover by special method (commonly known as ceiling structure).This kind of structure has the heat insulation effect is good, the energy storage is low, the heat loss is small, the heat shock characteristic is good, the overhaul is convenient and so on many advantages. Greatly improve the service life of furnace lining. Electric furnaceParameters such as loss power of empty furnace, wall temperature rise and uniformity of furnace temperature are better than national standards.Muffle is made of heat-resistant stainless steel plate, which is bent into corrugated shape and welded together.Stepless motor speed control, frequency control, direct display of speed.The heating temperature control instrument adopts the intelligent temperature control instrument of SHIMA company. The instrument is configured with self-tuning and standard PID operation modules to be effectiveAt the same time, the instrument can be used for function selection, configuration and parameter setting, and a digital display of the set value and the actual value. Main heating applicationSCR series combined three-phase thyristor power controller adopts continuous non-on/off type. It is controlled by temperature instead of traditional electric on/off typeContinuous automatic regulation of heating power is required. High power temperature control accuracy, no noise, no interference to the internal power grid.、

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