Roll type annealing furnace

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The roll annealing furnace is a periodic operation furnace, which is mainly used for the heat treatment of high nickel, chromium, high speed steel and other materials.

Characteristics of roll annealing furnace:

1. The large-scale roll annealing furnace is composed of high-quality high-temperature resistant fiber and energy-saving firebrick, which is stable, reliable and durable.

2. Collision proof sealing brick of trolley, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door, integrated rail connection, no foundation installation, can be used on the horizontal ground.

3. Computer program is adopted to control the temperature of the cabinet, which can automatically realize the functions of heating, heat preservation and power failure according to the process requirements. The recording instrument has the functions of recording, overtemperature alarm and breaking couple alarm.

Structure of roll annealing furnace:

1, large roll annealing furnace microcomputer temperature control system can be configured according to customer needs, high and low grade domestic, joint venture or import temperature control instrument, with or without paper recorder and online communication port, host computer distributed control.

2, furnace lining structure can also choose all-fiber structure or composite structure.

3, large roll annealing furnace heating method can choose resistance or gas, fuel heating.

4. Large roll annealing furnace can choose the exhaust system of furnace body: it is composed of air duct and induced fan with frequency conversion motor. When the natural cooling speed of the workpiece in the furnace body is too slow according to the process requirements, the induced fan can be opened to exhaust the hot air inside the furnace to speed up the cooling speed.

Roll type  annealing  furnace

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