Rapid vertical quenching furnace

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The rapid quenching furnace can be divided into three types by different heating methods: electric heating, fuel heating and gas heating. They are electric heating quenching furnace, fuel oil quenching furnace, gas quenching furnace.Different quenching furnace hearth structure, also have different ways of action accordingly, such as car type quenching furnace with automatic in and out of the car, at the time of hoisting quenching is convenient, well type axial quenching, quenching furnace is suitable for the groove type quenching furnace can continuous quenching, so there are several different type furnace: car type quenching furnace, pit type quenching furnace, box-type quenching furnace, quenching furnace raceway.The quenching furnace can also be divided into vacuum quenching furnace and quenching furnace heated in ordinary air.

Introduction of the structure

The furnace is composed of furnace body, door, heating element, ventilation mechanism and control system.The furnace body is made of welded steel and steel plate, the inner wall of the furnace lining is made of stainless steel plate and furnace shell.The door of the furnace is designed at the lower part of the furnace body, that is to say, the entry and exit of the workpiece is from below. The lower opening of the furnace body is opened, and the opening and closing of the furnace door is mechanically driven, which is accomplished by motor, reduction box, sprocket, chain and track.The heating element is insulated from the liner by a resistance band of high resistance alloy arranged on both sides of the liner by special hooks.The ventilator is composed of a blower and a wind deflector. The ventilator has an electrical connection with the heating element. Only when the blower is connected can the heating element be energized.The charging basket and the car are made of welded steel, and the center of gravity is adjusted horizontally to lift up and down. This electric furnace is equipped with material basket and skip car to ensure the user can work in time. When feeding, the basket is mounted on the trolley, pulled out and pushed forward. When entering the lower part of the furnace body, the door of the furnace is opened and the winch works. Hook the chain, lift the basket into the furnace, and close the door of the furnace for heating. When discharging, open the furnace door, turn to lift the motor, put the basket into the pool for quenching treatment, and then put the basket out of the water on the plane of the car, chain off, turn to lift the car, pull out for aging treatment.The lower part of the furnace body is provided with a pool so that the workpiece can enter the pool for quenching in a short time.The control part adopts SCR and digital display to control temperature and alarm.The electric furnace is equipped with a finite switch in the door opening and closing mechanism and the charging and lifting mechanism, which is connected with the power supply of the control cabinet. When the door of the furnace is opened, cut off the power supply of the heating element and switch on the power supply of the lifting mechanism to make the workpiece descend for water quenching.

Rapid vertical quenching furnace

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