Mesh belt quenching furnace

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purpose and characteristics of mesh belt furnace
RCM mesh belt quenching furnace is a continuous operation heat treatment line. Is the use of intermittent advance of the mesh belt conveyor workpiece, through the temperature control of the heating area, fall into the quenching groove and take out by the elevator, so as to complete the workpiece process. It is a continuous automatic heat treatment furnace. In the process of heat treatment, the workpiece does not collide with each other and passes through the furnace smoothly and evenly. The furnace has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy adjustment of parameters, low labor intensity, no pollution of the environment, energy saving, etc. It can be widely used for heat treatment of "medium" and "small" workpiece produced in large quantities in light industrial machinery, textile machinery, ordnance industry and electromechanical industry.

 Structure introduction

RCM mesh belt quenching furnace is composed of feeding table, transmission table, heating furnace body, muffle tank, quenching oil pool and lifting mechanism.
1. Feeding table: it is made of steel plate and connected with the active bottom plate. The bottom plate moves with the action of electric and deceleration unit.
2, transmission table: the use of square steel, Angle steel welding, net belt roller group, electromagnetic stepless speed regulating motor unit are installed on the shelf of the table, it is the core part of the net belt transmission, mature design and sophisticated production can ensure the smooth operation of the net belt, smooth and operable.
3, heating furnace, the channel steel, Angle steel, iron plate welding and become, lining for high temperature fiber cotton, light brick and heating element with porcelain tube wear, overhead in the furnace, uniform distribution in a furnace tank, up and down heating elements leads to stick on both sides of the furnace body is connected by copper platoon, used for a long time under the heating elements such as maintenance, only need to turn off the power supply, no other parts, change of just 5 minutes.
4. Muff tank: it is welded with 310S stainless steel plate with a thickness of 6mm. The top of the furnace is pressed into effective wave shape and folded edge at the bottom of the furnace.
5, quenching oil pool: channel steel, Angle steel, iron plate welded cuboid oil tank, considering the quenching furnace to 24 hours non-stop long-term production, to prevent high oil temperature, specially designed with plate oil cooling device system, to ensure the overload of equipment.
6. Lifting mechanism: it is composed of rack, lifting net belt and transmission deceleration unit. The transmission unit is equipped with electromagnetic stepless speed regulating motor. Driven by the reduction unit, the mesh belt is guided by the rack rail and moves upward from bottom to reach the purpose of lifting the workpiece.

 Scope of supply
1, heating furnace body 1
2, supporting network belt 1
3. 1 hoist
4. Supporting transmission mechanism and a work table
5. One oil pool
6, 3 area PID temperature control electrical cabinet 1 set
7, compensation wire 60 meters, 3 thermocouples

8. One operating manual and one electrical schematic diagram

Mesh belt quench furnace control cabinet

Acceptance of mesh belt quenching furnace


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