High sealing well type tempering furnace

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Well tempering resistance furnace (hereinafter referred to as the electric furnace) is a periodic operation type of electric furnace, mainly for the general medium, small metal or alloy parts in the air below 650℃ tempering heat treatment.The electric furnace is equipped with ventilator device and air conduction system, so that the temperature uniformity of the furnace is controlled within ±5℃ to ensure that the workpiece is heated evenly.Temperature control system can use PID zero trigger SCR, high precision intelligent meter temperature control, high temperature control precision, good stability of furnace temperature. Bit control is also available.

Introduction of the structure

This series of electric furnaces are composed of furnace body, cover, opening and closing mechanism of cover, hot air circulation device, protection basket and temperature control system.The shell of the furnace body is welded with steel and formed. Inside, 0.6g/cm2 ultra-lightweight energy-saving fire-resistant brick is used to build a vertical shaft furnace. Heavy fire-resistant brick is used for the load-bearing part and the parts prone to collision (an appropriate amount of high-temperature binder is added in the mud during the construction) to enhance the strength of the furnace lining structure. The insulation layer is made of aluminosilicate refractory fiber, asbestos board and other insulation materials to improve the insulation performance of the furnace body and reduce the surface temperature rise of the furnace side.The heating element is made of 0C25AL5 alloy wire, which is wound into a spiral shape. It is put on the furnace wire around the furnace and fixed on the brick with the custom socket to prevent it from falling out. The rj2-40-6 electric furnace has a shallow furnace with heating elements arranged in the first section.The shell of the furnace cover is also made of welded steel, and the inner wall is made of 1Cr18Ni9 heat-resistant steel, with long service life. The lining of the furnace cover is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber for heat insulation and heat preservation, which can not only improve the heat preservation performance of the furnace cover, but also reduce the weight of the furnace cover. The seal of the furnace cover and furnace body is of insertion structure, and the sealing material is aluminum silicate refractory fiber or clean dry river sand to prevent heat emission.

High sealing well type tempering furnace

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