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    First: when the effect of workpiece vibration aging effect is better than coal, heavy oil or gas thermal aging furnace, and the basic similar to electric ageing effect, because of the vibration aging not only overcomes the uneven heat ageing furnace temperature and eliminate stress caused by uneven problem, and avoid the workpiece by heating to reduce its ability to resist deformation, the influence of the artifacts of vibration aging treatment of metal is commonly so hot aging treatment of the size of workpiece can improve the stability of the above.

    Second: the use of flexible strong vibration aging technology is not limited by the site, workpiece size, shape, weight and other conditions. As the vibration aging equipment is only dozens of kilograms, large workpiece can be aged on the spot. At the same time according to the process requirements can be arranged in the workpiece different processing procedures for aging treatment.
    Third:With the improvement of people's requirements on the environment, the problems of flue gas, dust and slag of the thermal aging furnace cellar have been limited, and the vibration aging can be completely avoided. This is also the reason why the vibration aging technology has been promoted by the national environmental protection bureau in recent years.
     Fourth: less investment vibration aging equipment price in June to 100000 yuan or so commonly, can meet the aging treatment of hundreds of tons the following artifacts, and to build on large-sized workpiece heat ageing furnace pits not only need to invest hundreds of thousands of, and it covers an area of big, the application is not flexible, if the workpiece is not worth less blow-in, workpiece is too big and loaded into the furnace, etc.
     Fifth: energy saving significant vibration aging treatment only USES a few kilowatt-hours of electricity after a week, compared with thermal aging, its energy saving is basically above.
     Sixth: natural aging with high efficiency needs 6 months to a year, thermal aging also needs more than 10 to dozens of hours a cycle, and vibration aging only needs more than 10 minutes to an hour to complete.

Seventh: especially suitable for the material and parts of high temperature aging stress relief processing such as stainless steel parts, some metal parts, welding rest after the mechanical parts and so on.

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