vertical aluminium alloy hardening furnace

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Aluminum Alloy Workpiece Quenching Furnace: Metal Mould Heat Treatment Furnace

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Introduction of the structure
The structure of the electric furnace is composed of support, shell, lining, door, heating elements, ventilation mechanism, lifting mechanism of basket, charging trolley and electric and temperature control system.
2.1 the bracket is welded with section steel, which is used for sheltering the furnace body. Cross support is adopted on one side of the bracket to facilitate the installation of 6 typhoon cooling fan (the fan is provided by the user).
2.2 the furnace shell is welded into a frame with channel steel and Angle steel, the outer plate is made of Q235A steel plate, and the inner top plate is made of 3mmSUS304 stainless steel plate with reinforcement welded. The inner and outer walls of the furnace shell are made with iron red phenolic paint, and then evenly sprayed with phenolic aluminum paint
The steel structure of the furnace body is equipped with climbing ladders at the back, and the platform and guardrail are arranged on the pillar of the furnace door for easy maintenance.
2.3 furnace lining is of full fiber structure, and the total thickness of furnace lining fiber is 260mm. The fiber of furnace lining is the standard type produced by shandong luyang co., LTD. With vacuum spinning method. After compression, the bulk density of the module is ≥230Kg/m3. Adopting scientific and reasonable mounting method, this structure has few short circuit phenomenon of thermal bridge, and it is made by combining flat and stacked two ways, with good air tightness, firm and reliable, convenient maintenance, long service life, good energy saving effect, light weight of furnace body, small temperature rise of furnace body shell, etc.
2.4 heating elements shall be arranged reasonably in 2 zones according to the requirements of furnace temperature uniformity. Cr20Ni80 ni-cr alloy wire shall be made into a corrugated shape and fixed on the inner wall of furnace with shaped shelf bricks.
2.5 the ventilation mechanism is made of 321# heat-resistant stainless steel by a heat circulation fan (motor power of 5.5kw) installed on the top of the furnace. It forms a wind guide system in cooperation with the stainless steel windshield in the furnace, which is used for forced circulation of hot air in the furnace to make the temperature in the furnace even. The ventilator of the electric furnace is interlocked with the heating element, that is, the heating element can only be powered on when the ventilator is connected to the power supply, thus ensuring that the heating element can work under the condition of ventilation circulation.
2.6 basket lifting mechanism is composed of electric hoist, ring lifting chain, pulley block and basket. The winding machine adopts the frequency control of the fast electric control winding machine, * fast rope speed up to 37 meters/min, the motor power is 11kW, which can make the basket into the water in a very short time (15 seconds), to ensure the heat treatment process requirements of the workpiece, the winding machine is inching control, with self-locking device, can stop at any position. The pulley block is installed on the upper part of the furnace body. The material basket is welded by SUS 304# stainless steel and is used for using the workpiece. When heating up, the material basket is suspended in the middle of the furnace. The feed basket lifting mechanism and the furnace door mechanism are interlocked, that is, only when the furnace door is fully open (at this time the power supply of heating elements has been cut off automatically), can the lifting mechanism be powered on. Conversely, the lifting mechanism did not rise in place, the furnace door motor can not be connected to power.
2.7 electrical control system
Cabinet size, structure, cabinet surface paint film in line with the industry general standards, device installation, wiring and all kinds of signs are in line with the relevant standards.
Thyristor module, trigger, micro relay, ac contactor, quick fuse, intermediate relay, circuit breaker, limit switch, operating switch, button, signal indicator light and other main control devices and operation, display devices using zhengtai group, suzhou Siemens or foreign reliable products. Current and voltage indicating instruments are sensitive, accurate, reliable and have a long life.

The control cabinet shall be equipped with the electrical schematic diagram and wiring diagram consistent with the components and circuits of the cabinet. The drawings shall be put in the file box fixed in the cabinet. The cabinet is equipped with self-lighting fluorescent lamp for maintenance.

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