vacuum tempering furnace 35KW~120KW

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    This series vacuum resistance furnace (hereinafter referred to as electric furnace) is a periodic operating furnace, which is mainly used for vacuum bright tempering of various metals, and also for other heat treatment.
The shell of the furnace is welded by sections and steel plates, and the furnace is built with ultra-lightweight high-aluminum foam bricks. The insulation layer is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber, diatomite (or vermiculite powder) in bulk structure to improve the insulation performance of the furnace.
The heating element is mounted on the joist brick and is held in position by a small resistance wire hook. There is a vacuum tank welded with heat-resistant steel plate in the furnace, which can be used to place the material rack for the workpiece to be processed. The top of the vacuum tank is filled with fire-resistant fiber for heat preservation.
The vacuum tube channel is equipped with protective gas valve, vent valve and disc valve for operation. Pipe end installed vacuum gauge and spare mouth (for users to install the use of vacuum gauge), with an electromagnetic valve mechanical pump is put through the plastic hose connected to the vacuum tank, to protect the vacuum tank top flange seal intact, upper vacuum tank is equipped with cooling jacket, vacuum tank, after users to configure cooling barrel cooling as required.
The lift of the furnace cover and furnace bile shall be lifted by the crane provided by the user.

The temperature control system adopts intelligent meter intelligent control.

Vacuum tempering furnace

Vacuum tempering furnace finished product

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