sintering furnace without Muffle

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The production line is suitable for carburizing, carbonitriding, tempering, quenching, tempering and other treatment of screw, hardware tools, bearing, chain and other mechanical parts.
    It is a continuous heat treatment equipment for liquid quenching.
    This equipment is equipped with methanol vaporization device, which can prevent methanol from directly dropping into the furnace to produce a large number of carbon black, and can carry out reliable carburizing treatment after being fed into propane enriched gas
   . For chain parts with small specifications, propane can be turned off and used as protective gas heating to complete the oxidation free quenching and tempering of chain parts, which is a kind of multi-power
    Capable heat treatment equipment.
    Equipment composition:
   The production line consists of automatic feeding machine, carburizing furnace, quenching oil tank, cleaning machine, tempering furnace, cooling machine, electrical control panel, etc.
1. Automatic feeding machine
Purpose: automatic feeding
Description: this device is installed at the front end of the production line and automatically supplies the parts to be processed to the continuous furnace production line.
2. The carburizing furnace
Application: carburizing, carbonitriding, tempering and tempering
Description: this equipment consists of furnace body, lining, net belt drive device, net belt, heating element, furnace atmosphere mixer, smoke exhaust device and accessory parts
3. Quenching oil tank
Purpose: oil quenching, cooling
Description: the quenching oil tank consists of the tank body, jet device, oil cooling device, transmission network belt device, tubular heater, oil removal device, liquid level detection alarm
A newspaper, etc.
4. The washing machine
Usage: soaking, cleaning and drying
Brief introduction: this cleaning machine is composed of cleaning tank, spraying device arranged along the conveying frame, cleaning fluid temperature control device, hot air blower and hot air blowing into the grid.
5. Tempering furnace
Purpose: tempering of workpiece
Description: it is composed of furnace body, heater, mixer, bed plate, net belt, net belt driving device, net belt tensioning device, etc.
6. The cooling machine
Purpose: cooling the workpiece after tempering

Description: the cooling machine is made of welded steel body, spray pump and nozzle.

sintering furnace without Muffle

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