Pit type gas nitriding furnace

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     As a standard nitriding heat treatment equipment, well nitriding furnace is mainly used for nitriding of various mechanical parts, auto parts, molds and other metal workpieces. The well nitriding furnace generally adopts the main nitriding method of gas nitriding, and the furnace chamber is equipped with a high-temperature resistant stainless steel vacuum tank.Structure brief:The shell of this series of well nitriding furnaces is made of welded steel plate and section steel, the lining is made of light, high strength and energy-saving firebrick, and the outer layer of the lining is sandwiched with high purity ceramic fiber composite insulation. The heating element is made of long-life high temperature resistance wire with stainless steel vacuum tank in the furnace. In order to improve the sealing and heat preservation performance of the well type nitriding furnace, the tank cover of the double-water cooling furnace is adopted, and the vacuum rubber seal is fitted with a clamping screw. A double - end stainless steel dispenser is installed on the furnace cover for methanol infusion, which is easy to operate and safe. The furnace cover is provided with a sampling tube, a exhaust pipe, and an input pipe on the upper side wall of the furnace can be used for ammonia gas input, and a special exhaust pipe is provided.

Technical parameters:

Rated power (KW):35-120kw

Rated temperature :950 ° c

Rated voltage (V):380v

Working area size (mm):ф 500*650-ф900*1400

Loading capacity (kg):200-800kg

Pit type  gas nitriding furnace

Pit type  gas nitriding furnace debugging

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