Net belt type hot air circulation tempering furnace

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Equipment composition of net belt type hot air circulation furnace:It is composed of frame, furnace lining, resistance wire, air guide hood, strong circulation fan, transmission net belt, transmission mechanism and electrical control.

1. The furnace:The furnace body is welded with steel plate and section steel, and there is cover plate on the top of the furnace. When the furnace chamber needs to be repaired and cleaned, just loosen the connection fastener between the top cover and the furnace body and lift off the furnace cover.

2. Lining:The lining of the furnace is made of fiber structure and refractory brick, and the inner layer is isolated by steel plate, which can keep the furnace clean under strong convection without affecting the treatment quality.

3. Wind guide hood:The deflector cover is fixed on the upper part of the furnace, and the electric heating rod is attached to the periphery of the rod. The electric heating rod is isolated from the workpiece to avoid direct radiation from the heating element to the workpiece. The deflector housing is a corrugated structure, which is made of steel plate.

4. Heating elements:The electric heating element is installed as a horizontal plug type, which is inserted into the furnace through the furnace lining from one side of the furnace. The inner end is placed on the reserved position of the furnace wall on the other side by the porcelain rod, and the outer end is fixed and connected with the furnace body by a flange. The heating material of the electric heating rod is the filiform 0Cr25Al5 alloy wire with high resistance. After being made into a ring, it can be worn on the porcelain rod to form a whole, which is reliable to use and easy to maintain.

5. Strong circulation fan:The furnace gas circulation fan is a integral type, which is inserted into the furnace from the top of the middle of the furnace. The fan impeller is in the air guide hood, and the heated air inside the hood is sucked out and blown to the surface of the workpiece to realize convective heating. The blades are axial flow, mounted on the lengthened motor shaft, separated by an adiabatic sleeve. The blades are made of stainless steel.

6. Furnace door device:The sealing curtain of the door of the furnace is composed of two door curtains, which are used to prevent a great deal of outside air from coming in and too much hot air from flowing out of the furnace, reduce heat loss, and improve the effect of airflow circulation.

7. Conveyor belt:Tempering furnace conveyor belt can choose wire mesh belt or chain plate conveyor belt.

8. Mesh belt drive mechanism:The net belt driving front bracket is composed of passive wheel driven by crawler, drum wheel tensed by crawler and supporting frame, etc. It is installed at the inlet end of the heating furnace, and the surface of this section of net belt is used for loading and stacking the workpiece.

9. Mesh belt bracket:The net belt bracket is installed in the furnace to support the load net belt operation.

Net belt type hot air circulation tempering furnace

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