net belt powder metallurgy Sintering furnace

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Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time: 30 Days

Basic Info

Effective Heating Size 8360X250X100mm​: Zone 6 Temperature Control

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Transportation: Ocean

Product Description

Feature description
1. Continuous operation furnace, there are two kinds of furnaces, such as mesh belt and push rod, which can be selected according to the process, long service life and 1250°C as push rod type.

2. Keep the gas composition stable, evenly sintered, and free from oxidation and burning.

Instructions for use
1. The operator must understand the structure and working characteristics of the electric furnace and auxiliary equipment; also understand the layout of the electrical piping.
2. Before connecting the power supply, it is necessary to carefully check whether the connection of the heating element is required and required; whether the contact condition is good; whether the electric conductor and the casing are in contact with each other; at the same time, conduct the electric furnace insulation resistance test; and check the pipeline sealing property.
3, the temperature of the stove
To ensure that the furnace reduces thermal deformation; the heating process is as follows:
0-150 ° C holding time 30 minutes. The holding time is 150 minutes at 150 ° C - 300 ° C.
Incubate at 300 ° C - 500 ° C for 45 minutes. 500 ° C -800 ° C holding time 45 minutes
Then rise to the temperature requirements required for the job.
4, the cooling of the stove
The cooling process is as follows:
After the last batch of workpieces are discharged; the heating circuit is powered off; when the furnace temperature naturally drops to 300 °C; the clockwise controller knob is turned to the zero position. Turn off the power of the speed control motor. Then disconnect the air switch; cut off the power; let the heating furnace cool naturally.
5, gas supply, gas-related temperature:
When the furnace temperature rises to 700 °C-800 °C, it is strictly prohibited to ventilate the furnace below 700 °C. The nitrogen gas is first passed through, and the air in the furnace is discharged through a hot pressing state. It is then protected by hydrogen. In order to save the gas source; when the last batch of workpieces are released;
6. It is strictly forbidden to stand opposite the furnace mouth during the whole operation. In order to prevent the flame from igniting in the furnace, it hurts people.

technical parameter
1, rated power                                                      70KW
2, rated voltage                                                    380V
3, the number of phases                                   Three phase
4, the number of heating zones                           District 6

5, the highest working temperature                      1150 ° C
6, temperature control                            Intelligent temperature controller automatic PID, temperature control accuracy is ±1 °C
7, effective heating size                                  8360X250X100mm
8, belt speed                                                 150-800mm/min variable frequency adjustable
9, cooling water consumption                           4m3/h
10, quality                                                    6000kg

Mesh belt sintering furnace

New mesh belt sintering furnace

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