movable mesh belt quenching furnace

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     This series of network belt type resistance furnace is a continuous operation type electric furnace. 

It is mainly suitable for the process of carburizing, carbonitriding, quenching (tempering) and so on in the controlled atmosphere of the bulk of medium mechanical parts.The furnace is suitable for mass production with high productivity, high degree of automation, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating of workpiece, stable temperature and convenient maintenance. Suitable for various heating process requirements.The structure of this electric furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, heating element, transmission mechanism and temperature control system.The shell of the furnace body is made of welded steel and steel plate, and the interior is built with ultra-light and high aluminum foam brick into a penetrating furnace chamber. The insulation layer is made of aluminum silicate refractory fiber, asbestos board, diatomite (or vermiculite powder) loose material structure to improve the insulation performance of the furnace body. There is a door cover at the mouth of the furnace to prevent heat emission. According to the requirement of heat treatment process, the discharge of the workpiece falls directly into the quenching groove at the back of the furnace body.The heating element is made of nickel-chrome alloy wire wound into a spiral shape, inserted into the shaped brick, arranged on the top and bottom of the furnace tank, the two ends through the bar outside the furnace body with copper row connection, fraction control. In use if a damage, just disconnect the power supply in this area, to replace the spare parts, with the advantages of convenient maintenance.The net belt also adopts high temperature resistant alloy wire, woven into a double shape. With high temperature resistance, wear resistance, small deformation, long service life and other characteristics. The workpiece to be heated is placed on the mesh belt into the furnace body for heating.The transmission mechanism of the net belt is driven by the electromagnetic speed-regulating motor through the cycloidal needle wheel reducer to reduce the speed and then drive the driving roller to rotate, and the roller drives the net belt to complete. The active drum is wrapped with a rubber layer. When the active drum is idling, it is only necessary to tighten the hanging bolt of the pressing wheel.Several regions of the temperature control system are controlled separately, using PID zero-crossing trigger thyristor, intelligent temperature control meter, high temperature control accuracy, stable furnace temperature. In addition, Shanghai dahua long chart recorder is used to record the temperature and overtemperature alarm, with dual control to ensure stable furnace temperature.

movable mesh belt quenching furnace

movable mesh belt quenching furnace in the use

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