mesh belt hardening furnace

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Net belt hardenching furnace for continuous operation heat treatment production line, suitable for batch small and medium-sized parts in the controlled atmosphere for bright quenching, thin layer carburizing, carbonitriding, normalizing, annealing, significant energy saving, easy maintenance.

Introduction of the structure

The furnace body is cuboid, welded with section steel and plates. The long furnace bladder made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti (6mm) stainless steel is placed in the furnace with reinforcing bars. The heating element shall be placed on the upper and lower sides of the furnace, and the insulation material shall be filled between the furnace chamber and the furnace shell. The insulation section is divided into two layers, the inner layer is welded with Q235 steel, and the outer layer is made of 3mmA3 iron plate. The insulation section is divided into five sections, and each section is connected with hair orchid and filled with aluminum silicate high temperature cotton to ensure good insulation performance. The open section is divided into 2 sections, each 1.5 m, welded with 3mmA3.Mesh belt made SUS Switzerland 1 cr18ni9ti stainless steel wire weaving, wire for Φ 3.0 mm, using Φ 4.0 mm wear silk, mesh belt total length of about 50 meters.Mesh belt group with rubber roller compaction, the use of imported Japanese mitsubishi frequency control of motor speed machine, in the work under the condition of full load, no sliding, smooth operation, can also according to different requirements of workpiece is adjusted speed, frequency control of motor speed is better than that of ac speed regulation, has a wide speed range, speed stability etc., within 60-600 - mm/min speed can be adjust.Control systemPID zero trigger SCR, smart meter temperature control. High temperature control precision, up to ±2℃.


 the net belt quenching furnace can be professionally designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

mesh belt hardening furnace

mesh belt hardening furnace in the use

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