Large bottomless Pit type annealing furnace

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Well type gas carburizing furnace (well type carburizing furnace) is mainly used for carburizing heat treatment of low carbon steel, bearing, gear and other metal parts.

The well type gas carburizing furnace is equipped with a furnace fan on the cover for stirring the atmosphere in the muffle tank and making the composition even and the furnace temperature even. Tube on the furnace cover is equipped with three root process leads to the chamber of a stove or furnace muffle tank: a casing installed at the top three stainless steel drip chamber, by three head drip chamber to furnace quantity of methanol injection, kerosene or other organic liquid, all kinds of liquid are adjustable, the ammonia air hole on the casing can be used to furnace conveying ammonia and used as carbon and nitrogen altogether permeability (not nitriding the nozzle can be closed). A tube joint at the top of a casing as a sampling tube may be connected to a "U" glass tube manometer to monitor the furnace muff tank for the purpose of maintaining the furnace pressure for the normal operation of carburizing or carbon and nitrogen carburizing. It is made of heat-resistant steel (or stainless steel).

The heating element is wound into a spiral shape by the electric heat alloy wire, installed on the inner wall of the furnace lining, and outside the furnace by the lead holder, the temperature of the carburizing furnace is transmitted by the thermocouple inserted into the furnace through the compensation wire to the automatic temperature control cabinet, which automatically controls, adjusts and records the heating temperature in the furnace.

The equipment's furnace temperature is uniform, heating up fast, good insulation, the carburizing speed of the workpiece is accelerated, the carbon potential atmosphere is uniform, the carburizing layer is uniform, when the furnace pressure is increased, there is no leakage, improve the production efficiency and carburizing quality.Furnace: according to the requirements of the user fiber cotton and refractory brick lining.

Large bottomless Pit type  annealing furnace

Large bottomless Pit type  annealing furnace show

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