Inverted trolley type annealing furnace

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The rolled-over trolley furnace is the national standard energy - saving type cycle furnace. The trolley adopts anti-impact sealing brick, automatic turning brick mechanism, automatic sealing trolley and furnace door, integrated rail connection, no foundation installation, can be used on the horizontal ground with foundation pad iron or fixed with expansion screws. Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel, stainless steel and other quenching, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts.


The shell of this series of electric furnace is welded with steel plate and section steel, and the bottom of the furnace body is connected with the light rail of trolley as a whole. The user does not need basic installation, and can be used only on the flat cement floor.The lining of the furnace is made of super light refractory brick, which can save about 30% energy compared with the traditional brick furnace, and is made of high quality long fiber spined blanket, diatomite brick and vermiculite powder as insulation material. The labyrinth refractory material is used between the furnace body and the trolley, and the self-acting sealing mechanism is used to reduce the heat radiation and convection loss of the furnace, and the temperature uniformity of the furnace can be improved.The heating element is made of high temperature resistance alloy wire wound into a spiral, which is distributed on the side of the furnace, the door of the furnace, the back wall and the rack rack, and is fixed with the national standard socket brick, which is safe and simple.

The bottom plate of cast steel furnace equipped with pressure and high temperature resistance is used on the platform to carry the workpiece. In order to prevent the oxidized skin generated after the workpiece heating from falling around the heating element through the gap between the bottom of the furnace and causing the damage of the heating element, the contact between the bottom of the furnace and the furnace body adopts the plug-in contact. In order to ensure normal use, it is necessary to frequently purge the oxide skin under the bottom plate of the trolley furnace, generally once a week. The bottom plate of the furnace shall be lifted when purging, and the oxide scurf in the resistance wire groove shall be purged clean with compressed air.The furnace door device is composed of the furnace door, the furnace door lifting mechanism and the furnace door pressing device. Furnace door shell by steel and plate welded into a solid frame structure, with refractory fiber pressing module stacked, requires good insulation performance, light weight, etc. The lifting device of the furnace door adopts the electric device, which is mainly composed of the furnace door frame, the lifting beam of the furnace door, the reducer, the sprocket, the transmission shaft and the bearing. The furnace door lifting reducer is also equipped with a brake device, which can effectively prevent the furnace door from producing displacement during the lifting process. Oven door clamp device adopts domestic advanced spring loaded compact structure, when need to increase the stove, the oven door automatically by the oven door lever will loosen the weight, and level up after removed from a distance, when the oven door fall in place, the oven door down to on the pulley to compaction, again by the spring of the elastic pressure closely through lever move the standard oven door seal state, this kind of structure of the compaction device on the oven door, no friction between the front cotton fiber surface and has good safety performance, USES mission long.

The frame of the trolley is welded into shape with section steel, and its rigidity ensures that it will not deform under full load. The interior is built with refractory bricks, and the parts prone to collision and bearing parts are built with heavy bricks to enhance the strength of the furnace lining structure. The trolley's walking adopts self-propelled structure, and the driving wheel is driven by the reduction gear sprocket to walk on the track. The trolley seal adopts automatic labyrinth structure seal, the trolley enters the furnace through the action of CAM and roller beveling, automatically rises after sealing. When the trolley leaves, the sealing groove will fall down automatically. After filling up the sealing sand in the sealing groove, it is unnecessary to add frequently. When the pallet truck leaves, the lift of the furnace door is electrically controlled, with electromagnetic brake, which can prevent inertial impact on the furnace body, and chain control, that is, after slightly opening the furnace door, automatically cut off the heating element, and restore the power supply of the trolley running mechanism. After the door of the furnace is closed in place, the power supply of trolley running mechanism will be cut off automatically and the power supply of heating element will be restored at the same time.Flip hydraulic mechanism: it adopts the combination of motor, plunger pump, solenoid valve, hydraulic cylinder, etc., and is controlled by the electric button of the control cabinet. It is equipped with anti-flip device to ensure safe and convenient use.

Inverted trolley type annealing furnace 

Inverted trolley type annealing furnace in the use

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