High temperature box resistance furnace

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The main structure of high temperature box furnace is composed of shell, furnace lining, silicon carbon rod heating element and automatic temperature control system.The shell of furnace body is made of steel plate and section steel.The furnace chamber is composed of alum composite bricks, energy-saving insulation bricks are built between the furnace chamber and the furnace shell, aluminum silicate fiber is filled with insulation powder.The element is mounted vertically on the furnace brick on both sides of the furnace. Because the silicon carbon rod heating element is prone to aging, the resistance increases significantly after use, so the three-phase transformer is adopted, through several different voltage taps at the secondary level, to increase the input voltage at both ends of the silicon carbon rod to ensure the furnace power.A thermocouple seat is provided at the back of the high temperature box furnace for placing the thermocouple used for temperature measurement.The door of the furnace is made of steel plate and installed with light refractory brick. There is an observation hole in the middle of the door to check the heating condition of the workpiece at any time. In order to prevent heat loss from the observation hole, the hole is filled with a transparent mica piece.Microcomputer temperature control system is used to control high temperature heat treatment process with high precision.Optional blue screen/color screen paperless automatic recorder for automatic control and recording of furnace temperature.

Technical parameters (some indicators) : 

Maximum temperature: 1350℃

Operating temperature: 1100-1300℃

Power: 45-350 - kw

Furnace size: customizable (please contact us for standard furnace specifications)

Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

_High temperature box resistance furnace

High temperature box resistance furnace Spray paint

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