High sealing push-rod type tempering furnace

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Push-rod type tempering furnace is electric furnace, continuous operation can be finished good tempering continuous medium and small parts, such as springs, metal pieces, to continuous processing parts, on the tray, filled with a material such as plate, automatic front-rear door open, push rod automatically push the tray charging, at the same time at the top of the discharging mouth out a completed tempering tray, then close the front-rear door, waiting to repeat next pushing cycle. From the inlet to the outlet, through the heating of the tempering furnace, the workpiece completes the whole tempering process, to ensure the consistency of the temperature of various workpiece and the stability of the performance, the push-rod tempering furnace is particularly suitable for the line work. Push-rod type tempering furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, lining, heating device, hot air circulation mechanism, push-rod mechanism and control system. Pusher tempering furnace furnace, furnace lining, heating equipment, hot air circulation mechanism, control system and similar mesh belt type tempering furnace, push rod mechanism by cylinder and tray, propeller, stepless speed regulation, within the prescribed period of time, can be arbitrarily set tempering time, push rod mechanism and the rise and fall of oven door of an automatic interlock control unit, the whole process is: the loading end - - in and out of the oven door open - - into a tray - > - > out a temper of the end of the tray - - exit thrusters - - close the oven door - - cycle the next cycle. Through continuous cycle, complete the whole process of tempering. The system is equipped with power failure protection device, when power failure, the use of manual control cylinder air supply (using the air storage capacity of the air compressor to complete the action of multiple push rod and the furnace door), to prevent power failure and stop the operation, resulting in the over-burning of the workpiece in the furnace and other conditions.

High sealing push-rod type tempering furnace

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