gas type roller annealing furnace

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Natural Gas Furnace: Roller Type Furnace

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Product Description

Character description
It is mainly used to eliminate the structure defects, improve the structure to make the composition even, refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties of steel and reduce the residual stress. At the same time can reduce the hardness, improve the plasticity and toughness, improve the cutting performance. Eliminate and improve the organizational defects and internal stresses left by the previous process to prepare for the subsequent process.

Directions for use

1. The temperature control
The furnace temperature control temperature is divided into five area, 2 area display temperature, control of main circuit adopts automatic burner with PID control method, the temperature control electric series USES the Japanese island 0.2 LCD digital display temperature control instrument, to adjust and control, furnace temperature have PID setting, adaptive function, multi-range input, temperature can be set freely. All temperatures are recorded by liquid crystal paperless recorder.
Each heating area and temperature display area is provided with a k-type thermocouple for temperature control or temperature recording. Temperature control is equipped with thermocouple signal correction function, power limit function and overtemperature alarm function. With interlocking protection function.
2. Motor control
The whole set of action electrical appliances adopts domestic famous brand, control the transmission mechanism of the furnace body, the transmission mechanism, the movement is all manual button operation control, the control cabinet panel with a touch screen screen, display the workpiece operation simulation diagram.
3. Gas control
Wuxi kede natural gas burner is adopted, which is automatically adjusted by pressure regulator, solenoid valve and automatic damper controller. After comparing the ratio of combustion air and natural gas with the set parameters, an adjustment control signal is sent out. The air intake is controlled by the solenoid valve and combustion valve, and the temperature is accurately controlled.

Each channel is equipped with automatic gas purge function and protection device.

Technical parameters
1. Rated temperature: 920℃
2. Maximum service temperature: 950 ° c
3. Rated voltage: 3-phase, 380V, 50Hz
4. Maximum power: about 3180KW (gas 318m3 / h)
5. Auxiliary power; 15 kw
6. Production capacity: about 3.5-4.5 tons /h
7. Effective working size: effective width: 1600 mm
8. Warranty period: 1 year

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