copper based Sintering furnace

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Product use

It is mainly used for sintering copper base, composite materials, bimetallic materials and other materials.

The net belt powder metallurgy sintering furnace is a special equipment for making and forming powder metallurgy products under controllable atmosphere protection for sintering process and continuous operation. This equipment can be divided into furnace body, net belt drive, electrical control three major parts, its work characteristics by the net belt from the workpiece into the sintering area from the inlet, in each temperature control area for sintering, then cooling, discharge will complete the whole process. The furnace body is composed of three parts: inlet, sintering area and discharge water cooling jacket. The shell and skeleton of the furnace body are welded by steel plate and section steel. Between the furnace chamber and the furnace shell, aluminum silicate fiber with good insulation performance is used as the insulation layer, and the ultra-light anti-carburizing refractory brick is used as the refractory layer, which has better strength and refractory performance. The furnace is equipped with corundum support plate which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion

Character description
1, continuous operation furnace, with network belt, push rod two furnace types can be selected according to the process, long service life, 1250℃ for the push rod type.
2. Maintain stable gas composition, uniform sintering and no oxidation damage.

Technical parameters
1. Rated power                                                      70W

2.The rated voltage                                                380V
3. Number of heating zones                                      6 

4.Maximum operating temperature                           1150℃

5.The temperature control mode                        Intelligent temperature controller automatic PID, temperature control precision is ±1℃
6.Effective heating size                                             8360X250X100mm

7.The weight                                                       6000kg

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