Controlled atmosphere nitriding (carburizing) furnace

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Product Description

product introduction

It is a continuous heat treatment furnace which USES the intermittent advance net belt to pass the workpiece through the temperature-controlled heating zone, and then falls into the quenching oil groove, and is automatically taken out by the elevator.


It can be quenched in controlled atmosphere, thin layer carburizing, carbonitriding and other heat treatment processes. In the process of heat treatment, the workpiece does not collide with each other and is heated evenly through the furnace. Under the action of controlled atmosphere, air is prevented from entering the furnace. Therefore, the surface of the processed workpiece is smooth, no decarburization, the surface is even, the deformation is small, and the quality is high. The equipment has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy adjustment of parameters, low labor intensity, no pollution of the environment and energy saving.The equipment can be combined with spray cleaning machine and net back furnace to form an automatic assembly line. And can add black hair blue, oil, drying production line.

Scope of application:

Suitable for small and medium-sized mechanical parts (such as standard parts, bearings, transmission chains, self-tapping screws, textile hardware, hand tools, springs, spring pads, auto parts, etc.). It can be used to debug the heat treatment process and provide conditions for the small test of heat treatment of the workpiece

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Controlled Atmosphere Electric Furnace

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