Continuous push rod furnace

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Temperature for quenching, tempering, forging and other heat treatment in continuous push rod furnace: 650℃, 950℃, 1200℃

Features of continuous push rod furnace:

1. High electric furnace productivity, good operating conditions, suitable for heat treatment of production line;

2. The push adopts electric cylinder, which is stable and free from oil leakage;

3. Material plate, guide rail and roller are made of and cr25ni20 alloy steel castings with long service life;

4. Push interval can be set according to the requirements of heat treatment process;

5. The electric furnace adopts pid program segment temperature control meter to control the temperature, which can automatically control the rising temperature of the electric furnace, and automatically control the heating speed and heating curve of the electric furnace;

6. The working procedure of the electric furnace is controlled by PLC program to realize automatic production line;

7. Each area of 650℃ series push rod furnace is equipped with hot air circulation, which can make the temperature in each heating area uniform and the workpiece evenly heated.

Continuous push rod furnace

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