Continuous Operation Split Type Electric Furnace

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Net belt type tempering furnace is the use of continuous operation of the net belt to transport the workpiece through the temperature-controlled heating zone, so as to achieve the purpose of tempering the workpiece. This tempering furnace has the following characteristics and advantages: high strength stainless steel wire woven into the mesh belt, long service life; The transmission mechanism is simple and reliable, and the speed of mesh belt can be adjusted stepless. Large impeller forced circulation fan is adopted to speed up the furnace air flow, improve heat transfer efficiency and uniform furnace temperature. It is convenient to replace the heating element without removing the top and shell of the furnace. The lining of the furnace is made of aluminum silicate fiber cotton. High precision instrument, reliable performance, easy to operate.structure1. Shell: the shell of the heating section is rectangular by folding the edge of 4mm steel plate, with reinforcing reinforcement inside, and the support is welded by shape steel an。eel, which is beautiful and elegant.2. Furnace: it is made of lightweight and energy-saving bricks. Aluminum silicate refractory fiber is used as the insulation layer between the furnace chamber and the furnace shell.3. Mesh belt transmission: the transmission mechanism is installed at the lower end of the feed port. The mesh belt sends the workpiece continuously into the furnace through the stepless speed regulation mechanical transmission of frequency conversion motor by the motor and reducer.4. Heating element: high temperature resistance wire (Cr25AL5) is wound and installed on the upper and lower sides of the heating zone. The temperature is uniform by heating up and down.5. Hot air circulation device: in order to make the furnace temperature uniform, two powerful centrifugal fans are installed on the top of the furnace body. The centrifugal fans can effectively circulate the hot air flow under the action of the diversion system in the furnace.6. Electrical equipment: the whole electric furnace is divided into two separate temperature control zones, and each temperature zone has a thermocouple temperature control and temperature detection. The control mode is programmed PID automatic regulation. The intelligent digital display thermometer temperature controller can set, correct, digital display, control and sound and light alarm after overtemperature.

Net belt tempering furnace

Split Type Electric Furnace

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