Continuous Mesh Belt Brazing Furnace

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Product Description

Product introduction

It is a special equipment for continuous brazing and bright annealing under the action of protective atmosphere with hydrogen and nitrogen mixture after purification after decomposition of hydrogen by ammonia decomposition equipment. Its main USES are: continuous brazing and bright treatment of iron-base workpiece, copper-base workpiece and stainless steel workpiece.

Directions for use
1. Operators must understand the structure and working characteristics of electric furnace and auxiliary equipment; Also should understand the electrical piping layout.
2. Carefully check whether the connection of heating elements is up to the requirements before switching on the power; Whether the contact condition is good; Where the conductive body is in contact with the housing; Conduct insulation resistance test of electric furnace at the same time. And check the tightness of the pipeline.
3. Heating of furnace
In order to ensure the furnace furnace to reduce thermal deformation; The heating process is as follows:
0-150℃ for 30 minutes. 150℃-300℃ holding time 30 minutes.
300℃-500℃ insulation for 45 minutes. 500℃-800℃ holding time 45 minutes
Then rise to the required temperature for the job.
4. Cooling of stove
The cooling process is as follows:
After the last batch of workpiece out; Heating circuit power off; When the furnace temperature drops to 300℃ naturally; Turn the knob of variable frequency speed controller clockwise to zero. Cut off the power of the speed-regulating motor. Then disconnect the air switch; Power off; Let the heating furnace body naturally cool down.
5. Relevant temperature of air supply and air closing:
When the temperature of the furnace rises to 700-800 ℃, air is supplied. Ventilation into the furnace is strictly prohibited when the temperature is lower than 700℃. First pass nitrogen, the air in the furnace through the hot pressure state. And then it's protected by hydrogen. To save gas source; When the last batch of workpiece comes out; Gas can be turned off.
6. It is strictly forbidden to stand directly opposite the furnace entrance during the whole operation. To prevent the flame from spouting out and hurting people.
Brazing furnace outlet

Commissioning of brazing furnace

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