car type tempering furnace

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Steel frame with sufficient strength to bear the dead weight of furnace body and the weight of workpiece; Full fiber furnace lining, modern masonry technology, service life more than 10 years, can quickly rise and drop temperature, energy saving 30-35%; Flexible sealing furnace door, the furnace door is equipped with adjustable sealing groove around, reliable sealing, according to different processing workpiece can be provided with hanging type, base hinge type, side hinge type, lifting type furnace door. Because the gas pressure of single-stage generator is low and fluctuates greatly, frequent ignition is required at low temperature, and the furnace temperature error is not easy to control, it is generally recommended to use manual control.

Structural features:
1. Furnace shell: the furnace body is welded by profiles and steel plates.
2, furnace lining: high quality high temperature refractory fiber blanket as raw material, using special pressure equipment pressed into the required specifications. This furnace lining has no gap, can achieve the perfect heat storage effect.
3, heating element: high temperature ferrochrome aluminum resistance heating element, high thermal efficiency, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. The resistance zone is distributed in the furnace wall and the furnace door. Resistance wires are distributed at the bottom of the furnace.
4. Furnace bottom plate: made of high chromium and high nickel alloy. Under the condition of high temperature, it not only has strong oxidation and corrosion resistance, but also can guarantee the original strength and hardness and other mechanical properties.
5. Furnace door device: it is composed of furnace door, furnace door lifting mechanism and furnace door pressing device.

6. Trolley: the steel structure of trolley does not deform under full load, and the interior is constructed with insulation bricks and refractory bricks; The driving mechanism of the trolley is driven by the sprocket wheel driven by the reducer to walk on the track.

Trolley furnace equipment

Trolley furnace equipment display

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