car type annealing furnace

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Full fiber medium temperature trolley resistance furnace is the national heat treatment equipment, energy-saving structure, mainly used for heat treatment of steel castings, die steel ingot, low chromium ball, roll, ductile iron, flange, automobile parts and other products. Also suitable for chemical industry, powder metallurgy, precision casting industry products drying, roasting. This series of products have the advantages of good safety performance, excellent energy saving effect, good temperature uniformity and so on, and can replace the current heat treatment industry commonly used firebrick furnace
Product features:
1. The furnace lining adopts a new ceramic fiber structure, which is energy-saving compared with the traditional furnace type, and its service life is as long as 5-8 years.

2. Trolley running and furnace door lifting are all electric, stable operation, simple operation.

3. The heating element is made of high-resistance electrothermal alloy belt wound with wave shape, surface load up to 1.6~2.0w/cm2, service life up to 3-5 years, and the material of the resistance belt is 0Cr21A16Nb.
4. The truck seal adopts sand seal and the furnace door seal adopts spring compression device, which has high sealing performance, greatly saves energy consumption and reduces the use cost.
5. The control system is composed of microcomputer intelligent control instrument and thyristor module. The control accuracy can reach ±1℃ to ensure the product process temperature curve.
6. Self-locking device is adopted for entry and exit of trolley and lifting of furnace door to prevent workers from misoperation and damage of equipment.
7. The bearing part of the trolley shall be constructed with high strength, high aluminum and heavy brick.
8. Integrated rail connection, a small number of products can be used without foundation directly laid the ground plane fixed, simple installation.
car type annealing furnace

car type annealing furnace installation

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