Aluminum Roll Annealing Furnace

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Basic information of aluminum annealing furnace

The furnace is a strong wind cycle resistance heating, mainly used for aluminum and aluminum coil intermediate annealing or finished annealing. The annealing furnace adopts the centrifugal fan with large air volume and the reasonably equipped guide plate, which makes the airflow distribution in the furnace uniform, reduces the temperature difference in the furnace and guarantees the product quality. The equipment is composed of furnace body, fan stirring system, diversion device, heating device, purge and exhaust system, furnace door, trolley, electrical control system, etc. The steel plate for the furnace shell is welded with continuous gas tight welds to ensure sufficient strength, stiffness and gas tightness. The furnace lining is filled with all-fiber cotton to ensure the insulation effect of the furnace and improve the purpose of energy saving. Considering the thermal expansion of the inner wall of the furnace, the structure is treated accordingly. In order to prevent oxidation and ensure the quality of the material in the furnace, the inner wall material adopts 304 stainless steel plate splicing and assembly structure, and is fixed with anchorage and outer wall plate. Hot air circulation system: this system is the key to ensure the heating speed and temperature uniformity of the products to meet the process requirements. In order to strengthen the heat exchange and guarantee the product quality, a low-pressure large air flow axial fan is installed on the top of the furnace, forcing the hot air in the furnace to circulate directionally under the action of the guide plate. Heating device: this furnace adopts the new bayonet heater, installed on the roof, vertical suspension on either side of the stove, it is made with Cr20Ni80 resistance belt around into a spiral of heating elements and ceramic heat insulation parts, its features are: small volume, big power, even heating installation, convenient installation, maintenance, maintenance, disassembly, just loosen bolts can single out its corresponding furnace, easy to change and long life. Purge and exhaust system: it is mainly used to remove the volatiles produced by heating products in time (mainly rolling oil). Due to the large surface area of aluminum products, it may become small carbon spots attached to the surface of aluminum products at high temperature, affecting the quality of products. The system also has a role in preventing furnace explosion, to ensure production safety.

Aluminum Roll Annealing Furnace

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