Aluminum alloy quenching well furnace

Unit Price: USD 15000.0000 / Set/Sets
Payment Type: T/T
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time: 30 Days

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Transportation: Ocean

Port: Shanghai China

Product Description

Product structure features:

Shell is well furnace structure, steel plate and steel seal welded into a cylindrical furnace body, the inner surface of the furnace cover is made of stainless steel plate.Composite fiber insulation furnace lining or ceramic fiber insulation, compact pressing, insulation effect is excellent.Long-life heat-resistant alloy heating element is arranged around the furnace with uniform temperature distribution method, which has longer service life and is not easy to break.In order to ensure the uniformity of the furnace temperature, this series of aluminum alloy quenching furnace adopts a variety of precision heat treatment furnace design measures, according to the design from top to bottom is divided into multiple zones and multiple sections, aluminum alloy heat treatment process of high precision temperature control each section of each zone temperature rise rate, insulation temperature, insulation time.Supporting high pressure and high power stainless steel hot air internal circulation fan, the workpiece in the heating process, hot air in the furnace up and down circulation to ensure the workpiece uniform heating, so that the furnace has a high temperature uniformity.The temperature control cabinet is automatically controlled by the process program. The temperature control accuracy in the furnace is high and the temperature uniformity is high. The control temperature precision is ±1℃.All automatic controls of the equipment have safety protection. When the furnace cover is opened, the control power will be cut off automatically. Only when the furnace cover is closed can heating begin, ensuring the safety of operators.The equipment is equipped with automatic temperature control cabinet, thermocouple.Equipped with high precision thermocouple and blue screen/color screen paperless automatic recorder for automatic control and recording of furnace temperature.It can also be matched with aluminum alloy tempering furnace, quenching trough, etc., forming aluminum alloy heat treatment production line.

Technical parameters (some indicators) :  

Maximum temperature: 650

Operating temperature: 400-650

Power: 55-650kw

Furnace size: customizable (please contact us for standard furnace specifications)

Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

Aluminum alloy quenching well furnace

Aluminum alloy quenching well furnace debugging

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