20-90KW Mesh belt tempering furnace

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Suitable for bearing, nail making and mechanical parts tempering after carburizing and quenching.

◆ with a strong fan, to force the air circulation, to achieve a consistent temperature of each workpiece.
◆ straight bar heating element is easy to repair and replace.
◆ the net belt runs smoothly and stepless.

Equipment features:
1, the main components are imported from Japan, Europe and the United States manufacturers, good stability, safe and reliable.
2. All the operation process of the whole production line is completed by PLC, with high degree of automation.
3. The furnace temperature is controlled by multi-point SCR/PID, the atmosphere is controlled by high-precision, high-temperature resistant oxygen probe and atmosphere controller, and the furnace temperature and atmosphere are controlled with high precision, good temperature uniformity.
4, the heating area built-in wind arch, so that the atmosphere in the furnace does not lose, to meet the carburizing atmosphere, to meet the carburizing diffusion process.
5, additional front door device, sealed, low atmosphere consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection.
6. Improve the efficiency: the heat preservation material in the furnace adopts the heat preservation material of light weight, high strength and high heat break. At the same time, thyristor power regulator is used to achieve High electrothermal efficiency, energy saving.
7, the network belt operation can be frequency conversion speed regulation, temperature regulation range is large, so choose the appropriate temperature, suitable network belt operation speed, can achieve high healthThe production efficiency.
8. The blanking port adopts waterproof (oil) steam device to ensure even atmosphere in the furnace, add heating belt, and ensure the quenching temperature of the workpiece.
9, temperature control using high precision temperature control instrument and thyristor power regulator, can accurately control the temperature, the control accuracy is ±1℃. High precision oxygen is usedThe control precision of carbon potential is ±0.05%C.

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